Body bags for international organisations

Wide range of body bags

Polcreative Group designs and manufactures body bags for international organisations dedicated to assist in disasters, emergencies and epidemics. Our products are produced following strict specifications to ensure safety and hygiene, meeting the highest quality standards.

Body bags for international organisations

Body bags are of great importance for international relief efforts in war situations, terrorist attacks, natural disasters and major infectious diseases. They protect remains, prevent the spread of viruses and allow mortal remains to be stored in low temperatures. At Polcreative Group, we understand the urgency of these situations, which is why we offer solutions that enable a smooth and efficient handling when facing the adversities mentioned above.

We adapt our production process to your specific needs, using the latest technology. Different material, a different zip opening, folding method or number of handles?

Since our foundation, the development of high-quality body bags has been at the forefront. This is how we grew to become a specialist in the market of international organisations. Together, we achieved the production of different body bags following their needs

Quality comes first, that is why our Quality Team do regular tests to ensure the highest possible, but the price is also very important. Therefor, we managed to produce a body bag which has only 250µ thickness but the same strength as a body bag with 400µ. You can do the test yourself.

Polcreative Group works closely with several reliable manufacturers who deliver consistent quality. Due to our efficient logistics and ample stocks, we can guarantee a safe supply and you are always assured of a timely delivery.

At Polcreative Group, we work according to strict procedures, guidelines and work instructions that guarantee excellent quality. Our quality system is aimed at continuous improvement, and your customer satisfaction is always at the centre of this. ISO Certification

Body bags for international aid workers

Whether you work at a military organisation, disaster response team or first aid organisation, you will find suitable body bags at Polcreative Group. Our range includes different types of body bags, from 30 to 300cm length and 40 to 120cm width, with various zips, such as straight zip, U-shape zip or return U-shape zip, and are available in different thicknesses. Moreover, we can customise the size, zip, style, colour and thickness of the body bags according to your specific needs.

Our step-by-step plan

Reliable body bags from Polcreative Group

2. We listen to your wishes

Take your pick from our flyer and send us your order. Do you need specific adaptations? We are happy to listen to your wishes and provide a tailor-made solution.

3. Clear offer

You will receive a clear quote detailing all technical specifications, so you know exactly what to expect from our products.

4. Your order

We prepare your order for shipment. With our extensive stock and efficient logistics, we can always guarantee fast delivery.

5. Full service

Rapid support and meticulous follow-ups are typical of the Polcreative Group approach. Do you have any questions? We are always available to help you. With Polcreative Group, you can be sure of a completely worry-free and smooth handling of your orders.

Body bags and related accessories

In addition to body bags, you will also find other essential accesories for international organisations in our wide range, such as stretchers, superabsorbents and protective set. We ensure safe and high-quality equipments for handling the deceased.

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