Accessories for body bags

Wide range

You can come to us  also for our accessories for body bags such as stretchers, superabsorbents and protective sets. Equipment that make using our body bags safer, easier and more hygienic; as well as helping with transport and post-mortem work.


The absorbents are essential to prevent moisture build-up on a deceased.

Superabsorbent fiber: It is used inside of a body to absorb its fluids. Each sachet contains 8g which absorbs 0,5l.

Absorbent layer: This accessory can be used inside our body bags to absorb the body fluids or on our stretchers, which make possible to re-use them.


Our stretchers are suitable for transporting our body bags without handles efficiently.

This product can also be used together with our absorbent layer on it, which will allow you to re-use the stretcher.

They have 10 strap handles and are available in the sizes of 2000/2200mmx750mm, in brown or khaki and they can transport up to 200kg.

Protective Sets

Our protective sets offer optimal protection during post-mortem activities, as well as in emergency situations, such as epidemics, where safety is crucial.

There are 3 different sets available:

0001 – Foil apron, mask type IIR and blue nitrile gloves.

0002 – Polypropylene apron, mask type IIR and blue nitrile gloves.

0003 – Polypropylene overall, FFP3 mask and blue nitrile gloves.

Information Tags

Our information tags can be tied to our body bags, as well as inserted individually in the document pouch. The information on it can be customised according to the customer’s requirements.

They are available in groups of 2 and 4 tags. Each one can be teared off individually to be distributed as needed.

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