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Heavy Duty infectious diseases child white 4 handles 150cm x 100cm 200/250µm

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U-shape return


2 runners


4 handles

Shelf life

10 years

Extra Options ( Included)

tie ribs

Extra Options (Extra Cost)

Absorbent layer, document pouch, to discuss

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Additional options for carton

Logo/Label client (extra cost)

Used by

Hospital and Funeral Homes, International organisations


This heavy duty, white body bag is for a child with size 150cm x 100cm and 200μm top layer and 250μm bottom layer thickness. With a unique size #5 U-shaped zipper with return. This enforced co-extrusion PEVA body bag has a self life of 10 years (120 months). Carry capacity up to 160kg. Thanks to Non-PVC formula the body bag will defragmentates. On the field are the 4 non-splintering handles on this heavy duty body bag more than welcome. In cause of a disaster this body bag is good for transportation for a fast and safe way of doing  the job effecient as possible.

Deployable in the battle of pandemics and epidemics (f.e.: Ebola, Covid19, MERS, SARS, … ), thanks to the unique U-shapped zipper. During this kind of catastrophe it is very important that the remains are sealed to prevent further contamination. This bariatric body bags are the favorites for funeral homes, hospitals and organisations. In cause there is a need for a clear view, we recommand the biohazards body bags. Because of the safety regarding spreading of the virus/bacteria you can open for a view.

At Polcreative Group there is a wide range of body bags and everything is possible to discuss. If you feel after styding the offer, you didn’t found specific what you are looking for. Don’t hestitate to contact us for more customization. Even adjusting sizes, zippers, colors, thickness,  … everything is possible. If there is a purchase per carton it’s even possible to add your own label or logo to the body bags.

There are other alternatives for example within the standard range:
*In cause of risk for contamination: our Biohazard range
*No special need for an extra seal, just handy handles: Heavy Duty range
*Other size: Heavy Duty infectious diseases adult white 6 handles

Extra options, included:
*Tie ribs

Extra options are possible, with extra expenses:
*Absorbent layer
*document pouch
*Label client (purchase per carton)

*Pieces in carton: 5
*Pieces on pallet truck: 160

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